Chester Bennington' Sings SYSTEM and Other Things to Know about Him

I Came Upon this Interview in a Strange Way. 

I was looking for a certain 'sound', for this song called 'Hallelujah' by Leonard Cohen.. (I heard it on the Shrek soundtrack and loved it) I listened to 1 or 2 songs of Hallelujah by different artists, and then I found a video that knocked me down by its psychological beat.

It was Chester from Linkin Park, and he was singing Hallelujah, like a Sonic BOOM!!! (His vocals are rare and ethereal almost.) Coincidentally, he was singing for a friend, Chris Cornell's wake. I'm without words thinking about how extraordinary this is!

Then I came across this raw footage of Chester in an interview.

He was describing his monster to the world. Very straight to the point, and elegantly honest about his disposition.

NEVER.. had I heard ANYONE famous say, that their mind was a 'bad neighborhood'!

It was beyond ingratiating for me!! Because of the way I have felt or feel at times, it was something I feel was mirrored by his almost defeated explanation about his mental illness. It was intense, watching another person struggle with shadows and ghosts like I have.. having listened to him share about how he shouldn't be alone in his dangerous mind!!.. I could not help, but feel a kinship with him and it felt good.

I'm blessed by the circumstances that brought this beautiful interview into my lap. However, it is heartbreaking hearing the struggle and then knowing he lost to his mind that last time. NLM